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Enjoy Your Summer Holidays with new digital rights across the EU

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Enjoy Your Summer Holidays with new digital rights across the EU

This summer, European citizens will enjoy more digital rights than ever before. Following the end of roaming charges across the European Union last year, holidaymakers can now travel with their online TV, film, sports, music or e-book subscriptions at no extra cost. In addition, everyone across Europe can enjoy world-class data protection rules that ensure all Europeans have better control over their personal data.

  • Since June 2017, EU abolished roaming charges and people have been able use their mobile phones while travellingin the EU just like they would at home, without paying extra charges.
  • Since April 2018, portability came into force and consumers can access online content services they have subscribed to in their home country also when travelling across the EU.
  • On 25 May 2018 new data protection rules became fully applicable across the EU since 25 May 2018.
  • Finally, with the net neutrality rules applying since spring 2016, every European has access to open internet, guaranteeing their freedom without discrimination when choosing content, applications, services and information of their choice.

The full text of the European Commission press release is available here.

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